Open Budget Web v0.2.0

Open Budget Web v0.2.0 has been released! This is a really big release that contains a lot of changes to the web client. Here’s a list of what happened:


  • This changelog. #20
  • A favicon / logo for the site.
  • Use GPL 3.0 as the license for this project.
  • Add Code of Conduct. #17
  • Add Contributing Guidelines. #17
  • Add page for user registration. #32
  • Add page for creating new budget accounts. #36
  • Add page for viewing budget account information. #40
  • Add page for updating budget accounts. #43
  • Add button for deleting budget accounts. #47
  • Require users to be authenticated to view all pages except Sign In/Up. #44
  • Add page for viewing budget information. #51
  • Add page for creating new budgets. #52
  • Add page for updating budget information. #53
  • Add button for deleting budgets. #54
  • Add button for switching default/active budget. #55


  • Switch UI framework to Semantic UI. #24
  • Pass auth tokens to all Accounts endpoints now. #26
  • Add headers to API response objects. #31


  • Fix the way we’re passing auth tokens when signing out users. #26
  • Force all saga functions to listen to actions more than once. #42
  • Fix pages not redirecting properly. #44

The most notable change for this release was the change in the UI framework. We switched from Material UI to Semantic UI because of reasons I stated in another post. I’m hoping Semantic UI works out, so we won’t have to do this again in the future.

As far as features go, Web is now on par with the latest release of Core. In the first release, I was really excited to get it out of the door already so I skipped implementing some of the endpoints offered by the API.