What is Open Budget?

Open Budget is an open source envelope budgeting platform inspired by popular budgeting apps like YNAB and GoodBudget.


I made Open Budget because I really like envelope budgeting and have always wanted to share this passion of mine with other people. Unfortunately, the good budgeting apps are locked behind a paywall while the free ones are usually bad or far from the paid apps feature-wise.

My goal is to create a budgeting app that’s both free and good.

Is Open Budget really free to use?

I created Open Budget to provide a free alternative for people who would want to use a good budgeting app. Coming from a 3rd world country, it’s ironic that the people who actually need to use budgeting tools are the ones who can’t afford to use them in the first place.

The Open Budget Project is sustained through donations.

How can I help?

For Developers

If you’re a web developer, you can help out by writing a pull request for Open Budget. As the name indicates, Open Budget is open source and you can choose where to contribute to:

  • Core is the API backend of Open Budget. This is the actual core of the app and where the magic happens. Core is built using Elixir and Phoenix.
  • UI is the interface for Open Budget. This is what the user actually sees when using Open Budget. UI is built using Javascript and React.js.
  • About is the static site of this project. Its purpose is to be the hub for content related to Open Budget like the blog, this page that you’re reading, and other content that doesn’t belong inside the app itself. About is built using Jekyll and Markdown.

For everyone else

If you don’t know how to code, that’s fine; You can still help out in other ways. Here are my suggestions:

  • Help write documentation or point out documentation errors (typos, wrong grammar, sentence construction improvements).
  • Give feedback about the app or help spec out new features for Open Budget. I can’t guarantee that all feedback and feature requests will be addressed, but it helps in knowing what people would want out of Open Budget.
  • Help make Open Budget free for everyone by donating any amount you can give. This will help pay for our servers and keep the platform alive. You can donate by clicking here.

How can I reach out?

You can send your feedback through the following channels:

Who made Open Budget?

My name is Terence Ponce and I work as a Ruby developer for a living. I’m located at Manila, Philippines.